The Day Maka Arrived

The Day Maka Arrived

Life on the tiny island is quite and peaceful for the small family that happily live there … until Maka, the mischievous monkey arrives on its southern shores. The children, Mary and Benny, are delighted to have found a brand new friend.

Read this interactive bedtime story to your kids – just like a traditional children’s book. Discover this wonderful island with them.

The app consists of 19 chapters (fully illustrated) and 6 games that you can play and enjoy, together with your child. You can read the first four chapters and play one of six games (embedded in the story) for free! If you want to continue reading, please upgrade from inside the app and unlock the full content – which contains another 14 chapters and 5 games.

The English and GermanĀ  language version contain audio recordings of each chapter (Audio book). More audio recordings in other languages will be added in the future.

This app is recommended for children between 4 and 8 years.

Download on Google Play for Android devices:

The iOS version will be released soon.