Incredible Baby Rattle out now for Android


Help your little one grow and learn through visual and tactile stimulation in this fun new interactive app. Incredible Baby Rattle is suitable for small kids aged from the wonderful ones to the fantastic fours! Let them pop, rattle, move, bounce and shake their way to a happy and curious place full of cuddly characters and friendly colours.

From the very second your baby was born, it has been taking in and learning from the sights and sounds of their brand new world. Most of this learning comes though play.

With Incredible Baby Rattle you can soothe and amuse your baby just by using your phone. Toy rattles have been used to calm babies for centuries. They promote learning by improving hand-eye-coordination through stimulation of their senses. These sensory treats also encourage your loved ones to explore and question the world around them.

With High Definition 3D graphics, Incredible Baby Rattle, is a visual delight for anyone – both young and old. There are 6 individually designed themes, 2 of which are free. You’ll discover new ones after a couple of days of fun or upgrade immediately from inside the app. It’s super-simple to use. Just shake the phone to bounce off rattle items from walls. You can pop or move rattle items with your finger.

Your baby will love this app! So will you! You can sit back and enjoy the happy smiles it brings to their little faces. Inspire your child to explore, question, fiddle, wonder, play and have barrels of fun all at the same time!

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