The Day Maka Arrived

September 23rd, 2014

The Day Maka Arrived

Life on the tiny island is quite and peaceful for the small family that happily live there … until Maka, the mischievous monkey arrives on its southern shores. The children, Mary and Benny, are delighted to have found a brand new friend.

Read this interactive bedtime story to your kids – just like a traditional children’s book. Discover this wonderful island with them.

The app consists of 19 chapters (fully illustrated) and 6 games that you can play and enjoy, together with your child. You can read the first four chapters and play one of six games (embedded in the story) for free! If you want to continue reading, please upgrade from inside the app and unlock the full content – which contains another 14 chapters and 5 games.

The English and German  language version contain audio recordings of each chapter (Audio book). More audio recordings in other languages will be added in the future.

This app is recommended for children between 4 and 8 years.

Download on Google Play for Android devices:

The iOS version will be released soon.

Droidcon and Linuxtag 2014

May 22nd, 2014

Droidcon Linuxtag 2014

I’m back from Droidcon 2014 in Berlin which has been combined with Linuxtag and re:publica. So I was able to listen to talks of those as well. Last time I’ve been to Droidcon was in 2011 and in my opinion it has not changed for the better. Almost all lectures were dominated by product placement strategies and the hacker spirit from 3 years ago was mostly gone. Even during key notes I have seen people on the stage reading their speech from a paper – in bad English. My impression was that the Linuxtag lectures were mostly much better and a positive example was the lively session held by Bernd Erk from Netways about logstash (see photo). So will I be back next year? Hm… I don’t know, well at least the coffee was good…

Baby’s Music Box 4.0 brings new interactivity

May 20th, 2014
Baby's Music Box 4.0

Baby’s Music Box 4.0

Baby’s Music Box 4.0 not only looks much better especially on HD devices. It also brings a whole set of new features to your beloved ones. Play with the puppets and see their funny reactions to what you do with them. You simply pull their hands, feets or the head with your finger. As soon as you let go they will display a certain behaviour that makes you and your children smile.

Check it out on iTunes or Google Play.

Baby Monitor AV Update to version 1.2

February 14th, 2014
Baby Monitor AV 1.2

Baby Monitor AV 1.2

Our successful app Baby Monitor AV has been updated to version 1.2 and features the following improvements:

  • Transmission can be kept on endlessly
  • Camera image can be mirrored if required
  • Screen saver: screen goes dark after configurable amount of time
  • Video transmission can be turned off completely
  • App no longer crashes when users temporarily goes to Home screen of his device
  • Transmission-timeout and Images-per-second values on Client override those on Server on connect
  • Various bug fixes and improved compatibility with newer phone and tablet devices

It has never been easier to monitor you child on Android, iOS, PC and Mac! Get it now!

Download from iTunes, Google Play, or clients for Windows PC and Mac OSX

Six Degrees To Freedom launched

November 25th, 2013


Six Degrees To Freedom has been kicked off on Steam Greenlight.

If you like to see my game on Steam please vote for it on:

Also visit our Download section for a download of PC and Mac Beta version of the game, totally free to play!

Incredible Baby Rattle on the App store

November 21st, 2013

on iTunes

Your baby will love this app! So will you! You can sit back and enjoy the happy smiles it brings to their little faces. Inspire your child to explore, question, fiddle, wonder, play and have barrels of fun all at the same time also on your iPhone or iPad!

on iTunes

Incredible Baby Rattle promo video

October 25th, 2013

Enjoy our promo video for Incredible Baby Rattle.


Incredible Baby Rattle out now for Android

October 6th, 2013


Help your little one grow and learn through visual and tactile stimulation in this fun new interactive app. Incredible Baby Rattle is suitable for small kids aged from the wonderful ones to the fantastic fours! Let them pop, rattle, move, bounce and shake their way to a happy and curious place full of cuddly characters and friendly colours.

From the very second your baby was born, it has been taking in and learning from the sights and sounds of their brand new world. Most of this learning comes though play.

With Incredible Baby Rattle you can soothe and amuse your baby just by using your phone. Toy rattles have been used to calm babies for centuries. They promote learning by improving hand-eye-coordination through stimulation of their senses. These sensory treats also encourage your loved ones to explore and question the world around them.

With High Definition 3D graphics, Incredible Baby Rattle, is a visual delight for anyone – both young and old. There are 6 individually designed themes, 2 of which are free. You’ll discover new ones after a couple of days of fun or upgrade immediately from inside the app. It’s super-simple to use. Just shake the phone to bounce off rattle items from walls. You can pop or move rattle items with your finger.

Your baby will love this app! So will you! You can sit back and enjoy the happy smiles it brings to their little faces. Inspire your child to explore, question, fiddle, wonder, play and have barrels of fun all at the same time!

google play badge

Six Degrees To Freedom – video of gameplay

July 5th, 2013

I’ve moved on to Beta status since all levels are playable by now. Please have look at this video that shows what this game is about.

Six Degrees To Freedom (PC, Mac, Mobile)

June 29th, 2013

A new game is in the making and after several months we can lift the curtain. The game is called Six Degrees To Freedom and is setup in the year 2113. It features a hero who introduces himself to us in the following way:

“Maybe this would be easier than I had imagined. I knew that I was lying to myself as soon as this thought hit my conscious mind.

If only I had studied harder.

You see I had graduated from the cybernetics and neural networking division of the university with barely a pass. My compatriots were all off to Starship headquarters, or the prestigious planets, Veluma and Trattoria, whilst I had been commissioned to join the prison company, Illicitus, on the planet Nabokos. Not the worst assignment for a third-rate robotic neural scientist I thought at the time.

But the last few days on this hell-hole had changed my opinion somewhat. I had to escape – failure meant death.”

The game will feature 16 different enemy classes and many more model variations of them, 8 primary and 4 secondary weapons each with different capabilities, lots of enemy AI, power-ups, puzzles and an ever changing cave system. Also read an intense short story by the author Stuart McKenzie-Walker while progressing through the game.

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