Six Degrees To Freedom (PC, Mac, Mobile)

A new game is in the making and after several months we can lift the curtain. The game is called Six Degrees To Freedom and is setup in the year 2113. It features a hero who introduces himself to us in the following way: “Maybe this would be easier than I had imagined. I knew that I was lying to myself as soon as this thought hit my conscious mind. If only I had studied harder. You see I had graduated from the cybernetics and neural networking division of the university with barely a pass. My compatriots were all off to Starship headquarters, or the prestigious planets, Veluma and Trattoria, whilst I had been commissioned to join the prison company, Illicitus, on the planet Nabokos. Not the worst assignment for a third-rate robotic neural scientist I thought at the time. But the last ...


Baby Monitor AV now with Talk-to-Baby functionality

Version 1.1 of our cross platform Baby Monitor AV features the possibility to talk to your baby at anytime during the monitoring. Just press and hold the Talk-to-Baby button like you would do with a Walkie Talkie. Other newly implemented functionalities are: Proper warning if network connection is missing Alert sound if connection has been interrupted Timestamp of last image transmitted Battery level of recording device in percentage App now also works on devices without camera

More talks about Baby Monitor AV

The German blog talks about Baby Monitor AV and recommends to download it from Google Play or iTunes.


Baby Monitor AV reviewed by AppEggs

Baby Monitor AV received the Editor’s Pick on AppEggs. Our app is rated as an “awesome cool app for remote monitoring your baby”. Read more about it on AppEggs.


Andruids is now 7Druids

We renamed ourselves recently to 7Druids. Not only is this even shorter and better to remember but also because it seems to be the appropriate name for a group of dedicated artists and programmers who participate in making Apps for You. Thank you for all your support in the last 2 years! Ben Ohloff